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  • View of the rural side of the city Shkodër. It’s truly a beautiful place. (at Bar Restorant ” Shpija e Gjyshit”)

    Sunborn yacht hotel on the Royal Victoria Dock. I wouldn’t mind spending a night here. (at Custom House for Excel, London)

    Another sequel shot of the Jag. This time with the hood up! Its just smiling at you. 😁 (at My Warm Comfy Bed X)

    Took this shot of a beautifully refurbished Jaguar e-type in a garage. The owner was giving it a final wax on\wax off, prepping it for the Bromley classic car show. Credit to the owner for allowing to take this shot and for the amazing work he has done on the car! (at My Warm Comfy Bed X)

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