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  • On my travels in the city of Shkoder i saw this pretty cool Graffiti art for a tattoo parlour. So naturally i thought i should share with you guys. Just so you know, graffiti art and I highlight ART, is not common here, or at least I haven’t seen much of it. (at Shkoder,Albania)

    The boats, yachts, marina life on the port of Bari in Montenegro was a captivating sight. I’ve seen docks and harbours closer to home but this was just beautiful to see. Bari is a small town but its worth a visit. (at Bari, Montenegro)

    I hate to upload low quality pics, but I was out with my mobile today and the shot only looked good cropped in the editing process. So what you see here is a car loaded with electric cars for the evening events on the dockside at Bari, Montenegro. (Crna Gora). (Mali I Zi). (at Bari, Montenegro)

    View of the rural side of the city Shkodër. It’s truly a beautiful place. (at Bar Restorant ” Shpija e Gjyshit”)

    Sunborn yacht hotel on the Royal Victoria Dock. I wouldn’t mind spending a night here. (at Custom House for Excel, London)

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